My Favorite Healthy Snacks

I don’t know about you, but this girl likes her snacks. Snacks keep me happy and satisfied between meals, so I don’t turn into a crazed, hangry lunatic! Snacking can be tricky though. The wrong snacks can wreck your healthy eating plan. Some people do great with eating healthy meals, but go off the rails with their snacks. When I was growing up, snacking wasn’t considered a healthy habit. Eating three square meals was what was preached and snacks were frowned upon. We know so much more now and snacking the right way can make eating healthy down right easy. I’ve tried just about everything when it comes to snacks and below is a list of my very favorites and what I snack on week in and week out.

Protein/Snack Bars

I’m often snacking on the run and bars are definitely the easiest, most convenient way to fill my belly. Be careful though. Some bars are loaded with sugar, calories and all kinds of chemicals that I don’t want in my body. Finding a bar that tastes good and isn’t full of junk isn’t easy, but these three have done it. These are my three favorite bars that I always keep in my gym bag.

Quest Bars– Who doesn’t love Quest bars?? They are delicious, high protein and full of natural ingredients. I like to heat mine in the microwave for about 10 seconds. Yummy! My favorite flavor is S’mores, but I haven’t found a flavor I didn’t like.

Lara Bars– While these bars aren’t as high in protein, they only have a few ingredients and taste great. I don’t find them as decadent as the others, but they make for a good, healthy snack. My favorite flavors are Peanut Butter Cookie, Cashew Cookie and Pecan Pie.

Grab the Gold Bars– Oh man! I love these bars. They taste like a cookie and I’m just in a good mood when I eat them. They are gluten and dairy free and made with natural ingredients. Word of warning: You won’t want to stop after eating one. I only allow myself one at a time because I could easily pack back two of these lovelies. I order mine online from the Grab the Gold website. Word of warning #2: Find a good hiding place or else your family will plow through a case in two days.

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Chocolate Milk

You’ve probably heard by now that chocolate milk is an ideal post workout snack because of it’s blend of protein and carbs with the added bonus of calcium. You can also find convenient single serve bottles for easy portability and portion control. Of course, kids love it, too, which is one of the reasons it doesn’t last long in our household.

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Apple with Nut Butter

I find an apple and some nut butter to be a very satiating snack. The apple is a good carb that has filling fiber while the nut butter has that satisfying good fat. My favorite nut butter is cashew butter, but I also love peanut butter and almond butter. Don’t go overboard on the nut butter because it is very calorie dense.


Greek Yogurt with Fresh Berries

Oh yum. This is probably my favorite of all my snacks. I love to put a scoop of plain Greek yogurt in a bowl, add a little sweetener (stevia or honey) and throw in some raspberries, blackberries and/or blueberries. Heaven on earth, I tell you. My favorite brands of yogurt are Fage and Greek Gods. Those are particularly rich and creamy. I usually have two big containers in my fridge at all times. One container is 0% fat and the other is the full fat variety. I use the full fat if I need a particularly hearty snack, but I’m careful to exercise portion control.

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Snacks are meant to be enjoyed and can help you in your quest to eat healthy. Hopefully, you can find something new to try from my list. I hear some Greek yogurt calling my name, so off I go! Happy, healthy snacking!


  1. Claire McNamara on March 6, 2016 at 1:11 am

    Thank you for the great ideas! I’m hypoglycemic and always looking for healthy snacks to keep on hand 24-7!

    • Susan Bell on March 7, 2016 at 9:03 pm

      So glad it was helpful to you, Claire!

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