Are You a Good Fitness “Patient”?

Several years ago, my father, a retired orthopedic surgeon, told me about a family friend on whom he operated several times during his career. He spoke of how much he enjoyed having this man as a patient because he always knew the surgery and recovery would go well. This man’s positive attitude and determination to get better aided in easy, smooth recoveries. My dad mentioned how patients with the opposite attitude would usually have the opposite result. I find this to be true in fitness as my fitness “patients” are much like my dad’s orthopedic patients.

People who are determined to be fit will find a way to be fit. I see it all the time. This doesn’t mean that these “determined fitness patients” have fewer issues or emergencies that arise. They have just as much “stuff” in their lives as the next guy. They have sick kids, sick parents, sick pets, school parties, car problems, money problems, household problems, busy jobs, busy children, busy spouses, vacations, injuries, illnesses and on and on…. The difference is when life knocks them down, they are determined to get back up and at ‘em.

In all the craziness, they find a way to stay fit and healthy. Their workout regimen may have to change in the midst of crisis. They may have to sacrifice a little sleep and convenience. They may have to delegate some things to allow time for themselves. They may get completely knocked off their fitness groove for a bit, but they find a way to get back because they know that by taking care of themselves, they are better equipped to take care of life.

What kind of fitness “patient” are you? When problems arise, do you fight for your health and fitness? Remember, when life gives you a sucker punch to the face, a positive, determined attitude will help with the healing. Get up, dust yourself off and get back out there.


Some of my outstanding fitness "patients"

Some of my outstanding fitness “patients”

(Photo taken at the Waco Family YMCA, For membership information, click here)


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  1. John Hillman on December 19, 2014 at 8:20 pm

    From personal experience, prayer plays a major role in recovery. Following my knee surgery three years ago, Susan and her workout partners requested healing for my injury. I felt their power then, and I continue to feel it today. Thank you very much for your caring, concern, and committment.

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