Get Back on Track after Blowing It


The holidays are behind us and it’s time to get started on a brand new year. Assessing the holiday damage on your waistline can sometimes be shocking and a little depressing. It’s okay. Take a deep breath. Look the truth square in the face and let’s get back on track.

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First of all, remember, you are not alone. Most people go a little nuts over the holidays. It’s easy to do. Honestly, I think I would be sad if I didn’t get to enjoy some fudge and peppermint bark at Christmastime. I’m sure there are people who eat clean through the entire holiday season, but… thanks! Good for them, but I’m glad I’m not one of them. A little indulgence isn’t going to kill me.

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No matter if you went a little nuts or waaaaaay nuts, there’s hope. You can get back on track!

Work! Sweat!

  1. Set your sights ahead and don’t dwell on the past. Even if you’ve tried to get back on track in the past and failed miserably, keep reaching for that goal. It’s worth it. Stay positive and forget what’s behind you. Dwelling on our past failures can set us up for yet another failure. Look ahead with optimism and hope.
  2. Don’t make things too complicated. Eating well and getting in shape don’t have to be difficult or complex. Start slow if that works better for you. Get moving 15-30 minutes a day. Examine the way you’ve been eating. Most people know where their diet problems lie if they are truly honest with themselves. Start eating a little less. Eliminate the things that cause you to binge. A few simple changes in your diet and exercise habits can do wonders.
  3. Get an accountability partner. Everyone needs a workout bestie or two. Going to a fitness class or hitting the weight room is always better with a friend. Go beyond just a workout buddy though. Find someone who will encourage you to eat well and isn’t threatened by your healthy habits. The best accountability partners are those who truly want the best for us and will talk us off the ledge when we are about to devour a pan of brownies.
  4. Find a workout and eating plan that YOU like! No one particular eating and fitness plan is right for everyone. If everyone you know is doing a hardcore boot camp, but that’s not something you like and will stick with for the long haul, DON’T DO IT! If your friends are going gluten free, but that sounds awful to you, DON’T DO IT! It will take a little trial and error, but keep experimenting until you find what works for your life.
  5. Slow and steady wins the race. Don’t expect to lose those 10 holiday pounds in two weeks. It will take time. Know that going forward and accept it. Be patient, patient, patient.
  6. Expect setbacks. You may really blow it one day. You may sleep through a work out or gorge on chips and salsa at a Mexican restaurant, but that’s okay. It happens. Pick yourself back up. Lace up your sneakers and get back out there. Don’t wallow in self-pity. So, you blew it. Big deal. How will you respond? THAT is what matters. THAT is what will determine if you will be successful in your health and fitness journey.

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Forget about the past and get on with living healthy. Make this year the best one yet!


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