What I Eat in a Typical Day


I get asked about diet as much as I get asked about exercise. Diet is so important. Exercise, no matter how hard you work, is not enough. I could go on and on about this (and I often do in my classes). Exercise is the easy part! Watching what you put in your mouth throughout the day is much more difficult.

People frequently ask me what I eat, so I thought I would share. Let me preface this by saying, this is what works for ME. You may be different. I don’t count anything…not calories, grams, macros. Nada. Numbers burden me. Not because I’m lazy, but numbers are bondage to me. It’s the same reason I don’t weigh myself. As someone who suffered from disordered eating and body image issues in college, I will not go back to that way of life. Freedom is my new boo.

My diet mainly consists of veggies, fruits, lean dairy, whole grains, nuts, poultry, lean beef, fish and eggs. I tell people that I aim for 90% healthy (foods I just mentioned) and 10% whatever I want (chocolate, wine, French bread…I’m of French decent, so those three things are just natural, right?).

A typical day for me would be something like this…

Breakfast is often Banana Pancakes (recipe is in the Recipe section of this site). If I’m teaching classes that morning, I’ll throw a scoop of protein powder in the recipe. Yummy and filling. Oh, and coffee is a MUST for me in the morning. It’s what I look forward to the most!

Image 7

Mid-morning (usually after my workout) I’ll typically eat a Quest bar because I’m usually on the run and need something quick and easy.

Image 4

Lunch is often a big green salad with chicken and nuts or another favorite is Chicken Avocado Mash. I’ll mash an avocado and mix in chicken, purple onion, a squeeze of lime and salt and pepper. I like to eat that with some Beanitos bean chips. I might have fruit for dessert or if I need a chocolate fix, a Skinny Cow Ice Cream treat or a few squares of dark chocolate. I usually eat my “treat” at lunch not dinner time.

Image 1

Mid-afternoon snack is often plain Greek yogurt with fresh berries mixed in for extra yum. If I need a more substantial snack, I’ll throw some almonds into this.

Image 6

Dinner– I do not LOAD UP at dinner. It’s usually smaller than my lunch, but enough to keep me full until bed. I don’t like to eat after dinner. Some people do better having another snack after dinner, but I’m not into that. Dinner for me is usually a protein, a starch and lots of greens (think chicken or fish, brown rice and a green salad). In the photo below, I had already eaten some of the salad and chicken and rice, so my portion was a little bigger.


I try to continually drink water throughout my day. I don’t drink diet sodas or iced tea. It’s coffee in the morning and water the rest of the day. I might drink some almond milk at breakfast on occasion. I take calcium supplements since I don’t drink a lot of milk (this sentence is for my dad who will read this and fuss that I’m not drinking much milk and need more calcium).

Also, we don’t go out to eat much. My hubby and I will have a couple date nights each month and our family may go out after church on Sunday here and there, but we prefer to eat at home. I do go on lunch dates with girlfriends several times a month, but I try to eat something similar to what I would make at home. Eating out can be a healthy diet killer, so be careful. It also saves our family a lot of money to cook each night and that makes the hubs happy!

So, that’s a typical day. I never go hungry. If I’m hungry, I eat. It’s pretty simple. The way I eat keeps me happy and satisfied. I enjoy my food and don’t feel deprived. I splurge here and there, and don’t think twice about it. If your diet is healthy and portion controlled most of the time, the occasional splurge won’t hurt.

Bon Appetit!





  1. Datla Baerg on January 26, 2015 at 10:08 pm

    Great info! Thank you for sharing.

  2. sue on January 26, 2015 at 10:17 pm

    thank you Susan Bell 🙂

  3. Mary O'Connor on January 27, 2015 at 6:28 am

    Great tips Susan. Thanks for sharing! I really enjoy the Quest bars. Kind is another one I like.

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