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Fitness Is A Journey

Want to change your life? I'm here to help! Come experience the fitness classes that hundreds of others have done to get real results. Online Classes and Live Classes to help you reach your goals and have a great time doing it!



I've got good news. It is absolutely possible to have a fit, lean, healthy body without extreme exercise and dieting. I’m a big believer in balance. We all have busy lives, and I'm committed to helping my clients make the most of theirs.

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What my students are saying

“Susan Bell is the real deal and such a great workout! I will not be going back to the gym as long as I can workout with her!  If you’re looking for an incredible, butt kicking workout, look up her online fitness classes.”

- Gena Hunter

“I have always known Susan was an incredibly gifted fitness instructor, but with these online classes she has totally outdone herself. I’ve never seen so much innovation, challenge and encouragement from her. If you only have ten minutes, she’s posted a bunch of ten minute workouts targeting specific muscle groups. If you have 20-30 minutes, she portions out her longer workouts to make sure you still get a full-body challenge even if you have to leave early. She takes requests and formulates new workouts whenever they are suggested. As long as Susan keeps teaching…I’m never going back to the gym.”

- Kelly MacGregor

“Susan Bell is the bomb and the best fitness instructor I've ever known. And now, you don’t have to live in Waco, TX to take her classes! You can do it in your own space, on your own time.”

- Becky Fox

"Susan is by far the most enthusiastic, thorough, knowledgeable instructor many of us have ever had. She presents an extremely balanced, complete workout. She is an expert in strength training, cardio, Yoga, Barre, nutrition....  Just an incredibly caring, genuine individual who is always available to be helpful. I consider her to be my very own competent, personal trainer during each session."

- Sarah

"Love Susan Bell Online Fitness!  Have been able to enjoy 5 workouts a week,  including Zumba/Dance, plus 10 minute body specific workouts!  A life saver March 2020 & beyond!"
- Cynthia McGill
"It’s often hard to get motivated to work out from home, so having Susan’s classes available online has been a lifesaver! I love working out live along with my friends, as well as having the option to replay videos at any time. It’s the accountability I need to keep going."
- Erin
"Susan’s classes are always awesome. Why? Because If you want to workout hard there’s plenty and if you want to take it easier there’s plenty of workouts to choose from. She tells you all the options during your workout. There are long workouts and short ones. They’re the best!!"
- Mojgan
"Susan Bell’s online fitness class has been my calm in the midst of such a crazy year! I love the relational side of the class...Susan is so personable and brings her personality to each of the classes… makes it so much more fun 🙂 And I love the variety...there is something for every body.  The only problem is not finding the time to do every single class! I love her online system and would highly recommend it to everyone!!"  

- Ashley Bundy